Favela Wars

Favela Wars

Turn-based strategy, browser-based, online game set in a dystopic Rio de Janeiro in the year 2040.


Favela Wars is an online strategy game, still in Beta phase, that pits drug traffickers against police officers in a war-ravaged futuristic Rio de Janeiro. With two factions with well defined strengths and weaknesses, Favela Wars weaves a severe worst case scenario of Rio's social gaps.


Players can use both factions in the game, recruiting units spanning twelve classes, six in each side. After recruiting units, they must be equipped for battle with their appropriate equipment. The faction used for a match is chosen beforehand, with each party agreeing to the match before starting the game.

The game proceeds into an arena reminiscent of real-life slums of Rio, where teams spawn in opposite sides and players take turns trying to kill each other based on the turn timer and the player's units' Action Points.