Bubble Bobble Revolution

Bubble Bobble Revolution

A compilation of two games, Bubble Bobble Revolution contains both the titular Bubble Bobble update as well as a version of the original Bubble Bobble. The game is most notable for originally shipping with a bug that made it impossible to finish (American version only).


Bubble Bobble Revolution is a a DS-exclusive entry in the Bubble Bobble series that was published in North America by Codemasters. The game features two modes of play; one is the original Bubble Bubble arcade game, modified for play on the DS. The other, the titlular Bubble Bobble Revolution, features modern graphics, sound effects, and music.

Game-ending Glitch

Bubble Bobble Revolution shipped with a game-breaking bug in the game's modern mode. The boss of Stage 30 does not appear, and because the player cannot progress until the boss is defeated, further progress is rendered impossible. This bug affects all first-run copies of the game. Codemasters subsequently apologized for the oversight and released a second run of the game with the bug fixed, and offered to replace all original copies of the game purchased by consumers free of charge.