Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope

Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope

A Super Metroid-like action-adventure featuring an eerie atmosphere and hand-drawn art.


Ghost Song is a fully 2D Metroidvania that is being funded via Kickstarter. Though it started as a much smaller Flash game, the designer, programmer and artist, Matt White, is using the Kickstarter as a means to have the game developed by himself using the tool "Stencyl". Rekcahdam still remains the main composer and sound designer. Currently, Ghost Song is planned to have a large open world similar to games such as Super Metroid, complete with a main story as well as optional side content, and a lonely atmosphere. The Kickstarter cites both Super Metroid and Dark Souls as inspirations for this atmosphere. Despite the Dark Souls inspiration Matt has stated that the game would not be as punishing as that game but rather "Tough but fair".

As of Wednesday, August 7th, the Kickstarter met its $15,000 goal.

In march 2015 the game got its publisher Adult Swim Games.


The game is set on a moon, Lorian V. The moon is mysterious as no one who has explored it has ever survived. The dead are then kept as "ghosts" who haunt the moon; the only way for a ghost to escape is if their remains are completely destroyed.