Cosmic Star Heroine

Cosmic Star Heroine

Outed by her own agency as a legendary spy, Alyssa must dodge adoring fans and dangerous villains to save the universe one more time.


Players play the role of Alyssa as she works to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the peace of the galaxy, in this throwback Japanese-style RPG with retro sprite graphics. A game that was Kickstarted by Zeboyd games with a late 2014 release goal, but was unfinished until April 2017.

Main Characters

Alyssa L'Salle - the heroine of the story, a top agent for the Agency for Peace and Intelligence (API) who goes rogue after her allies discover illegal experiments that her superiors were involved in. She fights with a bo staff and water magic.

Chahn Kaneko - Alyssa's friend and fellow API agent, skilled in the art of "gunmancy" that can summon various guns to heal allies or damage enemies.

Dave - Elite hacker for the API with no known last name. Uses his hacking skills to debuff enemies.

Borisusovsky (aka "Sue") - A well-dressed superior officer for the API who helps Alyssa escape. Prefers to fight with his fists while buffing himself.

Lauren Gambino - Underground informant and lead singer for a local indie band. Uses quick strikes with her poisoned daggers.

Finian (a.k.a. "Finn") - a distant cousin of Alyssa and rookie API officer. Wields a high-tech shotgun that can hit multiple targets at once.

Z'xorv - Alien bounty hunter who spits acid and can take lots of punishment.

Arete - Leader of a terrorist organization whose real name is unknown. Uses a seeing-eye robot.