The LEGO Movie Videogame

The LEGO Movie Videogame

An Action Adventure game based on The LEGO Movie and developed in the style of other TT Games' LEGO videogames.


Developed by TT Fusion (LEGO City Undercover / handheld LEGO titles) this game is very similar to previous TT Games titles. The story is split into chapters, has two player jump-in/jump out co-op, there is an open-world hub, there are 90 characters to unlock and you can use unlocked characters in Freeplay mode to replay levels and gather a myriad of collectibles in each level.

The story follows the events of the movie and uses clips from the movie to bookend the chapters (a first for the series). Unlike previous titles this game restricts the character animation to the joints on real-life mini-figs to achieve a look similar to the simulated stop-motion look of the movie. It should also be noted that the environments are all modelled to look like Lego unlike other recent titles which only modelled the interactive pieces of the environment in Lego.

The game also adds some new mechanics to the series, such as a shape matching minigame used during Play Set construction sequences and a new ability that Master Builder characters can use to select existing bits of normally unbreakable level geometry to construct into new objects.