StarMade is a voxel-based 3D sandbox space shooter for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. StarMade is currently in alpha and is available for download on both Steam and the game's website.

The game is offered 'free to play' while in alpha, and can currently be purchased at a reduced price before free to play support is ended. StarMade has a well-established community, mainly located on the official forums and steam.


Sandbox Mode

Universes are procedurally generated in StarMade, the world is effectively infinite, approximately 9 Quadrillion Galaxies exist in the game - taking a player 10,000 years to reach the end of the universe. The player (an astronaut) is spawned next to a trading guild shop, with minimal resources to produce a small space-faring craft. The universe consists of planets, asteroids, space stations and NPC spaceships. A player must collect resources such as ores and crystals to craft into other useful material and technology. These materials can be used to build spaceships, space stations and other structures in the universe. Like in many other block based games, the game revolves around collecting these blocks and other resources for either crafting or building purposes.

The player can build a number of objects, such as space stations and spaceships. When spawned in a singleplayer world, the player is given a 'Ship Core' block, which can be placed down (default hotkey: X). From here, the player can hop into the block and switch to 'Build mode' (default hotkey: SPACE) where they can build the ship from inside the core block. 'Build Mode' provides players with useful building tools such as 'undo,' block placement size, symmetry building planes, block orientation and more. Basic ship blocks include 'Thruster Modules' which are a propulsion block; spaceships require these blocks to be able to move (however, ship cores do have some inbuilt thrust by default). "Power Reactor Modules' which are used to generate power for any system built in StarMade, including spaceships. These blocks are required to power thruster modules, weapon systems, factories and other technology. Basic weapon systems include 'Salvage Modules', which are used to mine blocks from a spaceship and "Cannon Barrels' which are blocks that shoot a simple laser projectile, essential for combat.

Once a player has created a simple ship, they can venture out into the universe collecting resources from asteroids, planets as well as through salvaging defeated/abandoned ships and stations. More advanced blocks/materials require multiple items to craft and a player can work towards creating factory and mining systems that can support and create more advanced blocks. There are three tiers of factories, Basic Factory, Standard Factory and finally the Advanced Factory. Each factory is useful for creating blocks on each of their tiers; there are three tiers in total.

In sandbox mode, the player can build ships, stations, and other structures through collecting resources. As well as explore the universe and combat pirate factions that are scattered throughout a galaxy. In 2015 creative mode was added to the game, a user can activate creative mode in sandbox mode and will have infinite access to all blocks in the game. There are plans for quests, further NPC interaction, additional NPC factions and other goals to make singleplayer more attractive and the universe more populated.


StarMade has supported multiplayer since the beginning of its release to the public. Users can create their own servers using personal computers or dedicated servers. Servers are player run, each one having their own rules and gameplay elements. Many servers change aspects of the game to accommodate for the playing style desired; StarMade provides extensive configuration files that can be used to heavily customise the game.

Factions are a big part of the StarMade multiplayer community; factions are often not restricted to a single server. Many factions have their own rules, leaders, fight rival factions and create treaties. Faction members contribute to the whole body and fight under their own faction banner, creating warfare and dynamic politics throughout many servers.