An archery-based platform fighting game inspired by Smash Bros. and Bushido Blade.


TowerFall is a four player local co-op game developed by Matt Makes Games originally for the Ouya. The game features close quarters archery combat with a focus on being accessible to new players.

Initially the game was released exclusively for Ouya, however an updated version was later released for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Arrows seek lightly toward opponents, and only a single hit is required to secure a kill. Ammunition is limited, but can be recovered, either from walls or corpses. In addition to using arrows, players can jump on the heads of their enemies. Power-ups can be collected from chests which randomly spawn during battles. Power-ups include offensive and defensive items such as upgraded arrows as well as protective shields. Advanced players will take advantage of the movement options available to avoid opponent's arrows. Players are able to dash once every three seconds, and perform wall jumps. During a dash any arrows encountered will be caught and added to the player's inventory. If the player has the shield power-up when they catch an arrow the shield is removed.