Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag

Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag

A wrestling game released on the PC Engine by Human Entertainment in 1989. The first game in the long-running Fire Pro Wrestling series.


Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag is a wrestling game and the first in the venerable Fire Pro Wrestling series from Human Entertainment (and later Spike). As with the games to follow, FPWCT allows the player to select from a range of fictional wrestlers (based on real wrestlers of the era) and compete in an isometric wrestling ring. The gameplay emphasizes timing and precision over hammering the button in order to land attacks and finishers and to get out of holds and pins.


The following wrestlers are available. In every case there is a real life counterpart.

  • Victory Musashi (Antonio Inoki)
  • Akira Saeha (Akira Maeda)
  • Tommy Bomber (Jumbo Tsuruta)
  • Thunder Ryu (Genichiro Tenryu)
  • Hurricane Rikimaru (Riki Choushou)
  • Zombie Masa (Masa Saito)
  • Pirate Number 1 (Billy Gasper)
  • Pirate Number 2 (Barry Gasper)
  • Star Bison (Stan Hanson)
  • Big the Great Bull (Bruiser Brody)
  • Mascara Condor (Mil M├íscaras)
  • Mascara Eagle (Dos Caras)
  • Bloody Allen (Bad News Allen)
  • Mad Tiger (Tiger Jeet Singh)
  • Knight Blaster (Road Warrior Hawk)
  • Iron Blaster (Road Warrior Animal)