Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Light the remaining Elemental Lighthouses and fight using powerful Djinn.

This traditional-style role-playing game continues the story of its predecessor, Golden Sun, while expanding your abilities and allowing you to battle with up to eight players as you traverse seas, mountains, and skies in order to save the fantasy land of Weyard.


The game picks up right after the events of the first Golden Sun. The Venus Lighthouse has just been lit and Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden set out to light the remaining Elemental Lighthouses, rendering the player's efforts in the first game to prevent exactly that from happening a gigantic waste of time. Their adventures take them across new lands where few have been before. On their journey they meet Piers, a mysterious man from the equally mysterious Lemuria. They discover shocking truths about Weyard during their adventure.


Felix using the magical attack, Ragnarok!
Felix using the magical attack, Ragnarok!
A classic turn-based combat system is used, but with some interesting quirks. At the beginning of every turn you choose the moves for all your characters and then the battle begins. Every character used in battle has magical abilities called Psynergy. HP and PP are the health and magic counters used. As your characters fight they level up and gain new Psynergy. As you progress through the game you acquire creatures called Djinn, which alter stats and can change the "class" of party members, and be used to cull powerful summons.


Felix is a Venus (earth) Adept was previously an enigmatic character thought to be an antagonist. Jenna is a Mars (fire) Adept who also made a brief appearance in the first game. Sheba, a Jupiter (wind) Adept, made a much smaller cameo in the first game but is a core character in this one, though despite the promise of a pivotal sub-plot (thought to have "fallen from the moon") little of her back-story is dealt with. Shortly into The Lost Age the party is joined by a Lemurian Mercury (water) adept Piers, who reveals the threat of Weyard's disintegration without alchemy. The former party ( Isaac, Garet, Ivan, Mia) also join late in the game.
Like in the first game, two Mars Clan from Prox ( Agatio and Karst) act as apparent antagonists, but after the party discovers Prox - on the edge of the disintegrating Weyard - their true mission to save their people is revealed.  


Djinn are the magical creatures that were unleashed on the world after Issac entered Sol Sanctum and removed the elemental stars. Each Djinn is aligned to an element, which in turn is aligned to a planet.  Some Djinn are only available by entering a code obtained by completing the original Golden Sun 


New Djinn

 Venus (Earth)

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    The Venus lighthouse powers the Earth element, and each of the Djinn that use it.
  1.  Echo
  2.  Iron
  3.  Steel
  4.  Mud
  5. Flower
  6. Meld
  7. Petra
  8. Salt
  9. Geode
  10. Mold
  11. Crystal

Djinn of Earth   
Djinn of Earth   

Mars (Fire)

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    The Mars lighthouse powers the Fire element, and each of the Djinn that use it.    
  1.   Cannon
  2.   Spark
  3.   Kindle
  4.   Char
  5.   Coal
  6.  Reflux
  7. Core
  8. Tinder
  9. Shine
  10. Fury
  11. Fugue
Djinn of Fire
Djinn of Fire


Jupiter (Wind)

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    The Jupiter lighthouse powers the Wind element, and each of the Djinn that use it.    
  1.   Breath
  2.   Blitz
  3.   Ether
  4.   Waft
  5.   Haze
  6.   Wheeze
  7.  Aroma
  8.   Whorl
  9.   Gasp
  10.   Lull
  11.   Gale

Djinn of Wind
Djinn of Wind


Mercury (Water)

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    The Mercury Lighthouse powers the Water element, and each of the Djinn that use it.    
  1. Fog
  2. Sour
  3. Spring
  4. Shade
  5. Chill
  6. Steam
  7. Rime
  8. Gel
  9. Eddy
  10. Balm
  11. Serac
Djinn of Water
Djinn of Water



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 Venus: one Venus 
Ramses: Two Venus
 Cybele: Three Venus  
Judgement: Four Venus  
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 Mars: One Mars

 Kirin: Two Mars

 Tiamat: Three Mars

 Meteor: Four Mars 

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 Jupiter: One Jupiter

 Atalanta: Two Jupiter

 Procne: Three Jupiter

 Thor: Four Jupiter 

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 Mercury: One Mercury

 Nereid: Two Mercury

 Neptune: Three Mercury 

 Boreas: Four Mercury 


Multi Types

Zagan : One Venus,One Mars

 Megaera: One Mars, One Jupiter

 Flora: One Venus, Two Jupiter

 Moloch: Two Mercury, One Jupiter

 Ulysses: Two Mercury, two Mars

 Haures: Three Venus, Two Mars

 Eclipse: Two Mercury, Three Jupiter

 Coatlicue: Three Mercury, Three Jupiter

 Daedalus: Three Venus, Four Mars

 Azul: Three Venus, Four Mercury

 Catastrophe: Three Mars, Five Jupiter

 Charon: Eight Venus, Two Jupiter

 Iris: Four Mercury, Eight Mars

Data Transfer

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age allowed players to transfer their data from the Golden Sun into The Lost Age by one of two possible methods.  The first was by the use of a GameBoy Advance Link cable between two Gameboy Advances as well both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. The second was a password system which allowed the player to transfer data depending on their preference. There were three different types of passwords (Bronze, Silver & Gold) which varied in length, and hence varied the amount of information sent across.

Password Types

  • Character levels
  • Djinn obtained
  • All Bronze data
  • Character stats 
  • All Silver data
  • Items & Equipment
  • Coins
Data transfer was required for the player to obtain all the Djinn in The Lost Age and to access two hidden summons, Charon & Iris.