Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain

Explore a hostile alien planet and build up your random arsenal of upgrades in this sci-fi "rogue-lite" side-scrolling platformer, where enemy forces get tougher the longer you stay alive.


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Risk of Rain is a 2D sci-fi action-adventure platformer developed by Hopoo and published digitally by Chucklefish for the PC (via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store) on November 8, 2013. It was made available to Mac and Linux platforms on October 28, 2014.

After a large space freighter explodes over a mysterious planet, players control an unnamed survivor (either alone or with a group of other players) as they progress through the hostile world to find an escape. Along the way, they unlock a random variety of items, most of which provide unique passive benefits (similar to The Binding of Isaac). Similar to other "rogue-lite" games, Risk of Rain focuses on repeated playthrough attempts using perma-death and procedural environments. The game's signature feature is its time-based difficulty, which gets progressively harder as players explore the environment, fight waves of enemies, and make purchasing decisions.

The game was developed in GameMaker and funded in part by Kickstarter. It was later ported (with assistance by Code Mystics) to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on April 12, 2016, to the Nintendo Switch on September 19, 2018, and to the Xbox One (published by Gearbox) on August 30, 2019. While the game was normally released digitally, it received two limited-edition boxed releases: one for computers (by IndieBox) on February 2015 and one for each of the PlayStation consoles (by Limited Run Games) on April 26, 2017.

The game later received a direct sequel on August 11, 2020, bringing its concepts to 3D as a third-person platformer.


There are multiple layouts for each available stage, so each play through is a little different than the other. There is only one playable character available from the get go, but as player achieves certain listed milestones (for example reaching a specific stage) more become available. The game contains rogue-like elements: at every new run player character starts on level one with no items. Every kill yields experience and money, which allows for progression for that specific run. Each stage contains randomly placed portal, which must be activated in order to progress. Once activated, a 90 seconds timer is started and a random boss is spawned with lot of normal stage specific enemies. After the minute and a half is up, spawning stops and player must clear the stage from all remaining foes. When the last one falls, the portal activates and player is transported to another level. From the very beginning a separate timer is running, which increases difficulty in regular intervals. This prevents players to grind experience and money indefinitely - the difficulty spikes faster than it's possible to manage. This mechanic introduces a constant time pressure making the action move forward at a brisk pace. As the player progresses through the game, not only more characters (each with completely different skills) become available, but also more items for use in future runs. These can include variety of improvements from faster attack rate to healing on hits or summoning ghosts of enemies. These effects also stack which means player can pick up the same item multiple times for improved effect.


There are 10 different classes in Risk of Rain, each with different stats and 4 unique abilities.


The commando is the starting class and does not have to be unlocked.

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
Double TapShoot twice.0
Full Metal JacketShoots through and knock backs enemies.3
Tactical DiveA forward roll that dodges attacks.4
Suppressive FireA rapid fire attack.5


The Enforcer becomes playable after defeating the Magma Worm, Wandering Vagrant, and Colossus on any difficulty.

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
Riot ShotgunFires a short range shotgun that hits all enemies.0
Shield SlamSmash nearby enemies knocking them back.5
Protect and Serve

Blocks all damage that the player receives from the front.

Increases attack speed, but the player is unable to move.



Crowd ControlLaunch a stun grenade that stuns enemies.5


The Bandit becomes playable after beating the third stage on any difficulty.

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
BlastFires a powerful slug for 150% damage.0
Dynamite TossToss an explosive in an arc for 230% damage.3
SmokebombTurn invisible. After 3 seconds or using another ability, surprise and stun enemies for 140% damage.


Lights OutFire a headshot for 600% damage. If this ability kills an enemy, the Bandit's cooldowns are all reset to 0.7


The Huntress becomes playable after collecting 15 Monster Logs.

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
StrafeFire an arrow for 140% damage.0
Laser GlaiveThrow a glaive that bounces to up to 4 enemies for 300% damage. Damage increases by 30% each bounce.3

Teleport forwards a short distance.


Cluster BombFire an explosive arrow for 320% damage.7


HAN-D becomes playable after finding the robot janitor.

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
HURTApply force to all combatants for 180% damage.0
DRONEFire a drone for 190% damage while also healing. Gain drones by killing enemies.0

Increase attack speed and stun chance by 30%. Increase duration by attacking enemies.


FORCED-REASSEMBLYApply great force to all combatants for 400% damage, knocking them into the air.5


The Engineer becomes playable after buying 40 drones

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
Tri-NadeLaunches 3 grenades.0
Bounding MineDrop a mine, able to hold up to 15.6
Thermal HarpoonLaunches 4 heat-seeking harpoons.5
Auto-TurrentDrops a turret for 30 seconds, able to hold up to 2.40


The Miner becomes playable after clearing a path for the survivor.

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
CrushCrush nearby enemies for 140% damage.0
Drill ChargeCharge up to two seconds. On release, dash through enemies for up to 600% damage. Damage cannot be received while dashing.8

Blast backwards a small distance for 200% damage, stunning all enemies. Damage cannot be received while dashing.


To The StarsJump into the air, hitting all enemies below for 3 x 180% total. Nothing can stop the quest against the anti-spirals.5


The Sniper becomes playable after beating the game on any difficulty.

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
SnipeShoot an enemy for 250% damage, reactivating reloads weapon.0
Steady AimIncreases the damage dealt the longer the button is held.4
Military Training

Backflip a large distance, cannot be hit while rolling.


Spotter SCANSends spotter the analyze the most dangerous enemy, increasing critical chance by 100%.10


Acrid becomes playable after freeing the chained creature.

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
Festering WoundMaul an enemy for 120% damage. The target is poisoned for 24% damage per second.0
NeurotoxinSpit toxic bile fort 220% damage, stunning enemies in a line for one second.2
Caustic Sludge

Secrete poisonous sludge for two seconds. Speeds up allies while slowing and hurting enemies for 90% damage.


EpidemicRelease a deadly disease, poisoning enemies for 100% damage per second. The contagion spreads to two targets after one second.11


The Mercenary becomes playable after beating the game five times on any difficulty.

AbilityDescriptionCooldown (seconds)
Laser SwordA slash that damages up to 3 enemies in front of the player.0
WhirlwindTwo quick slashes that damage all nearby enemies.2
Blinding Assault

Forward dash that stuns and damages enemies. If it connects, the player is then are able to dash again up to 3 times.


EviscerateTarget the nearest enemy for 6 x 110% damage; the player cannot be hit for the duration of the attack.6



There are about 101 unique items players can pick up and use throughout their adventure. Some items are locked until the player has completed an achievement, but most are available from the start. Items are dropped by bosses, purchased, found in chests, or earned from shrines. When an item is unlocked, it appears in the Item Log, which shows details about the item as well as lore related to it.

Items fall into two categories: usable items and passive items.

Players can have as many passive items as they can afford, but only one usable item at any given time. Passive items grant special effects or buffs to the player whereas usable items give the player a fifth skill unrelated to the character. Duplicate passive items are common and the effects do stack. Players may switch usable items whenever a new one is found if they choose to.


Risk of Rain has many different enemies to pit the player against. Most enemies are specific to a particular stage as well as level of the player. Not all enemies will only spawn in a given stage or at a given player level, though. There are also variations of the standard enemies that have a reduced chance of spawning. These special enemies will have particular abilities that other enemies will not. Special enemies are marked by being a different color than their normal variants.

The color tells the player what sort of effect the enemy will have. Red enemies will leave a trail of fire behind them as they move. Yellow enemies move faster than normal and have a chance to teleport directly to the player. Orange enemies have explosive attacks and launch projectiles toward the player. Blue enemies have lightning-based damage auras. Green enemies have more health and heal nearby enemies as well.


Bosses are also somewhat randomized. Each level is guaranteed one boss spawn from activating the teleporter, but sometimes more will spawn. Certain other events will also force boss spawns, sometimes even forcing a named boss to spawn. Most bosses are not locked to a certain stage, but some are, such as Ifrit only spawning in Frozen Tundra. Bosses range in their abilities from summoning enemies to ranged attacks to high movement speed. Each boss is particularly large and has lots of health, easily distinguishing them from other enemies in the area. There is also a chance for bosses to spawn with elemental effects like normal enemies. The final boss, Providence, has many of these abilities as well as being the only boss to engage players in a multi-phase battle.


Risk of Rain features an unusual difficulty scheme. There are three choices for difficulty when starting a game: Drizzle (easy), Rainstorm (normal), and Monsoon (hard).

However, regardless of the difficulty the player choose, the game will become progressively more difficult over time, even if players are not progressing through the game. The amount of time each difficulty lasts for depends on the overall difficulty the player chose. The 10 time-based difficulties are as follows:

  • "Very Easy"
  • "Easy"
  • "Medium"
  • "Hard"
  • "Very Hard"
  • "Insane"
  • "Impossible"
  • "I SEE YOU"


The game features an electronic rock soundtrack that was composed by Greek composer Chris Christodoulou. The soundtrack was released on 4th September 2013 under the name Risk of Rain.

1.Risk of Rain2:50
2.Dew Point3:28
3.Tropic of Capricorn3:01
6.25.3'N 91.7'E4:16
8.Moisture Deficit4:44
10.Tropic of Cancer3:28
11.Aurora Borealis3:52
12.Surface Tension3:42
13.Arctic Oscillation6:40
15.Double Fucking Rainbow4:10
17.Chanson d'Automne3:21

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 1GB Ram
  • Graphics: Direct X9.0c Compatible Card
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 130 MB available space