Deep Down

Deep Down

A medieval fantasy game for PlayStation 4 from Capcom, using the new Panta Rhei engine.


Deep Down is an upcoming PlayStation 4 game from Capcom. It has been announced that the game will be a free-to-play online title, though it is not yet clear what optional items for payment will be available or how the payment structure will work.

Though presented as a fantasy RPG, early trailers also seem to indicate that there's some manner of time-travel involved. The core gameplay sees players exploring the depths of caverns as medieval warriors, and includes combat against large, fire-breathing dragons.


Early trailers have hinted at the following elements:

  • Gameplay takes place in both third and first person, the former perhaps only in battle.
  • The only visible HUD is a weapon wheel in the lower left corner.
  • To avoid dragon fire, players can hide behind columns.
  • There is a run/sprint mechanic.
  • Shields can melt.