Super House of Dead Ninjas

Super House of Dead Ninjas

An endless action platformer with procedurally generated levels. A full remake of an Adult Swim flash game.


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Super House of Dead Ninjas is a side-scrolling action-platformer with a rogue-like random level generator. Originally a flash game that was remade for a Steam release. Differences include full screen support, new levels, new enemies, new weapons, and a level editor.


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Descend a perilous tower as Nintai Ryoko, The Crimson Ninja, in a 2D environment. At her initial disposal is a Katana, Shuriken, bombs, and some Ninja magic. The tower is full of Monsters, traps, and even the Grim Reaper who will kill her if she runs out of time. Since it's very easy to die, over time she will unlock more weapons and other upgrades by meeting certain criteria. The Rage mechanic is a bar that fills up whenever she kill enemies by melee attacks. Kill enough enemies before the bar empties and she becomes invincible. The invincibility only lasts for a short while but she can extend it by killing more enemies with your melee attacks. Also she can double jump, wall jump, and do a super jump by crouching until she changes color.



Default melee weapon that is quick to slice through enemies but has a short reach.

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Katana of Miffed Barbarians

The same as the regular Katana except for the fact it will always decapitate enemies. To receive this weapon she must defeat a Minion (boss) using only the Katana.

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Attacks instantly but has the shortest reach of all the weapons. In order to get this she must defeat the Minion Spite.

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Ruby Nunchucks of Mild Discomfort

This upgraded version of Nunchucks can deflect projectiles. Unlocking this requires beating a Minion under 30 seconds.

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It has a long reach, about double of the Katana, but it is also slower as a result. Rage is another Minion that must be beat into submission before acquiring this tool.

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Ultra Super Mega Kusarigama

Identical to the regular Kusarigama save for it's trap destroying ability. (By traps, this game means spikes). Slicing 10 foes while hanging on a wall with the Kusarigama will net this addition to the arsenal.

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Taming Whip of the Many Nuns

A quick response attack with the added bonus of smacking items towards her on hit. Beheading 10 foes is paramount in achieving this.

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Unlocking this bonus requires her to slice 3 kinnes in half.

The OST of Purebred Ninjinity

  1. Chinatown
  2. Moon Wanes
  3. Gothic
  4. The Ziggurat of Infinium
  5. Are You Ready?
  6. Bosses Galore
  7. Ninja Justice
  8. After The Victory
  9. Nature's Abyss
  10. Death Wants To Shake Your Hand
  11. Ninjed To Death
  12. Royalty Is In The Blood
  13. Smither's Chest
  14. How Did You Do?
  15. Abarghus And You
  16. Hell By Any Other Name
  17. Going Home
  18. Gothic (Haze Version)

System Requirements

  • Memory:512 MB
  • Memory:1024 MB
  • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space
  • Hard Drive: 200 MB HD space