Finding Teddy

Finding Teddy

A point & click adventure following the adventures of a little girl on a search for her missing teddy bear.


Finding Teddy is a point & click adventure game developed by Storybird Games for the PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad. The game was originally developed for touch screen devices and was later ported to PC, Mac and Linux platforms. The ported versions added re-touched backgrounds, a new game+ mode, some additional endings and added traditional controls.


A young lady is peacefully sleeping with her teddy bear when a monster emerges from the cupboard and makes off with her favorite toy. The girl awakes to see the monster disappear into the cabinetry with her teddy in hand and decided to follow behind. She soon finds herself in a bizarre world filled with monsters and other strange oddities. She must now venture into this peculiar world and help its unusual inhabitants in order to track down her beloved teddy.