Skylanders SWAP Force

Skylanders SWAP Force

Yank the top half of a Skylanders toy off of its base and connect it to a different bottom half to make new combinations in the third Skylanders game.


Skylanders Swap Force is the third main game in the Skylanders franchise. The game introduces the Swap Force characters, figurines that can separate at the waist and recombine with any other Swap Force figures to form new characters. The base of each Swap force Skylander has a specific ability, such as digging, climbing, and jumping, which will allow access to otherwise unreachable areas. Kaos makes his return as the games antagonist.

The game requires a new portal to function due to hardware changes in the new Swap Force figurines, but the game is still backwards compatible with previous Skylanders figurines, retaining skills and levels.

Swap Mechanic

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The first trailer revealed how the characters can be swapped around to form new characters. For example, Wash Buckler and Blast Zone can be separated and interchanged combining the names and abilities of the parts swapped. The newly formed "Blast Buckler" is now a bomb throwing robot with a squid like bottom half. With 16 characters that can be swapped around, there are a total 256 possible character combinations.


Poster for all the new characters released for Swap Force
Poster for all the new characters released for Swap Force

The game introduces 32 new Skylander characters not seen in previous games. 16 are the new SWAP Force Skylanders, two per element, and 16 are new "core" Skylanders, also two per element.

There are also 16 "Series 2" and "Series 3" Skylanders characters returning from previous games, with all new in-game powers and abilities. Lastly, there will be 8 new LightCore Skylander variations. All figurines released for this game have a blue baseplate to differentiate them from previous figures.

If one includes all the characters released for previous games (and provided one has the figurines), there are a total of 80 different playable characters for the game (not including variants or Swap Force combinations).

ElementSwap Force SkylandersCore SkylandersSeries 2 & 3 SkylandersLightCore Skylanders

Boom Jet

Free Ranger

Pop Thorn


Horn Blast Whirlwind

Turbo Jet-Vac



Doom Stone

Rubble Rouser


Slobber Tooth

Hyper Beam Prism Break

Knockout Terrafin



Blast Zone

Fire Kraken



Fire Bone Hot Dog

Lava Barf Eruptor



Grilla Drilla

Stink Bomb

Bumble Blast

Zoo Lou

Ninja Stealth Elf

Thorn Horn Camo

Bumble Blast

Hoot Loop

Trap Shadow

Dune Bug

Star Strike

Mega Ram Spyro

Super Gulp Pop Fizz

Star Strike


Magna Charge

Spy Rise


Wind Up

Big Bang Trigger Happy

Heavy Duty Sprocket



Night Shift

Rattle Shake

Grim Creeper

Roller Brawl

Phantom Cynder

Twin Blade Chop Chop

Grim Creeper


Freeze Blade

Wash Buckler

Punk Shock


Anchors Away Gill Grunt

Blizzard Chill



Standard Starter Pack

  • Skylanders Swap Force game & Portal of Power
  • Blast Zone figure
  • Wash Buckler figure
  • Ninja Stealth Elf figure

Like previous iterations in the series, the Nintendo 3DS pack-in figurines differ from the other console versions:

  • Free Ranger figure
  • Rattle Shake figure
  • Volcanic Lava Barf Eruptor figure [Lava Barf Eruptor variant]

GameStop Exclusive "Dark Edition" Starter Pack

  • Skylanders Swap Force game & Portal of Power
  • Dark Washbuckler figure
  • Dark Blast Zone figure
  • Dark Slobbertooth figure
  • Dark Mega Ram Spyro figure
  • Dark Ninja Stealth Elf figure