A first-person puzzle game in which the player controls both a first-person character and a 2D character in a 3D environment. Shift the first-person viewpoint to alter the 2D character's world.


Perspective is a unique two-dimensional platforming game with two characters, one who moves in 2D, and the other in 3D. The player is able to change the perspective of the level the 2D character must traverse by moving a 3D avatar in a 3D world. The 2D character can traverse any wall or floor area, but can only walk on blue blocks. In addition it is killed by touching orange blocks. The goal of the game is for the 2D character to reach the exit of any given level.

Perspective was created by students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. The game begins in an arcade, where the player must traverse from arcade machine to arcade machine. Once activated, each cabinet acts as a level. However, once every machine in the arcade is completed the arcade falls away and the player is placed in a wire-frame world with more cabinets to complete. Later, the player is returned to the arcade, where there are indications that things have gone pretty spectacularly wrong in whatever world the 3D character occupies.


The game's puzzles begin very simply to teach the player of basic mechanics and how best to position the 3D character to assist the 2D character in reaching the exit of each level. However, as the game progresses the puzzles increase dramatically in difficulty, and the final few levels require the player to use every mechanic they have learned over the course of the game multiple times. Later levels include moving blocks, floors and ceilings, which require the player to think laterally to get the 2D character to the exit.