Environmental Station Alpha

Environmental Station Alpha

A Metroidvania style game developed by "Hempuli".


Environmental Station Alpha is a 2015 action-adventure game in the style of Metroid being developed by Arvi Teikari (Hempuli).


Environmental Station Alpha served as a preserve for unique lifeforms and environments. Following an indeterminate engine failure the station was abandoned. Decades later signals originating from the station are received. A remote controlled robot is dispatched to the station to uncover the reasons behind the signals.


ESA is heavily influenced by the Metroid series of games. The player explores the fate of Environmental Station Alpha using an exploratory android. During the course of the game the player will find power-ups that grant new abilities.


The game is developed by Hempuli (Arvi Teikari) using the Multimedia Fusion 2 development tools. The native resolution of the game is 160x120. Music for the game was made by Roope 'Noby' Mäkinen. Sound effects were made by Joonas 'Kissa3' Turner and Niilo Takalainen.