Violence Fight

Violence Fight

An early fighting game by Taito featuring a movement system similar to beat-'em-ups like Double Dragon. Set in the 1950's United States, the game involves an illegal fighting tournament called "Violence Fight".


Violence Fight is a 2D belt-scrolling fighting game developed and released by Taito for arcades (running Taito B System hardware) in April 1989.

Set in the United States during the early 1950's, the game involves an underground fighting tournament known as the "Violence Fight". It is the earliest example of a one-on-one fighting game that incorporates the belt-scrolling movement system from beat-'em-ups such as Double Dragon and Renegade. It would receive an updated sequel two years later, titled Solitary Fighter.

It was later included in two Taito compilations: the 2005 Japan-exclusive Taito Memories Gekan and the 2006/2007 Western-exclusive Taito Legends 2.


  • Bad Blue
  • Ben Smith
  • Rick Joe
  • Lee Chen
  • Ron Max (sub-boss)
  • Tony Won (final boss)