Power Drive

Power Drive

A top-down rally racing game with simulation elements. Players take on rally courses from across the world, using their winnings to keep their vehicle in top shape.


Power Drive is a 1994 rally racing game initially released on Amiga and DOS platforms before being ported to the Genesis, SNES and Game Gear consoles. No retail version of the game ever left Europe, though a North American SNES release was cancelled close to completion and the North American Genesis version was made available exclusively on the digital Sega Channel service.

Players choose a vehicle with their starting funds, building their fortune through races. Each race has its in own buy-in price, including qualifying rounds, and the player also has to spend money on repairs between races. Driving carefully, as well as winning, is instrumental to success.

The game is unrelated to the 1987 Arcade monster truck driving game released by Bally.