Red Rogue

Red Rogue

Red Rogue is a freeware roguelike browser game.


Red Rogue is a simple roguelike platformer featuring actual graphics rather than the old-school ASCII art often found in the genre. The game features a pause menu from where players can quickly navigate through the inventory, the map, and go to the game's options. The game is still under development, but players can already play the current stable build (see "links" below). According to Aaron Steed, the game's sole developer, the finished game will feature 20 randomly generated levels, 20 races, 20 different weapons, 20 sets of armour and 20 spells.


Even though the story of Red Rogue is not at all clear during the playthrough, the developer has written a context for it:

You are Red, the widow of the hero from the original game of Rogue. Your dead husband has broke his way out of the Underworld and has lead you to the Chaos Dungeon to restore him from his undead status. Find the Balrog who killed him and take back the amulet of Yendor - it is your only hope of restoring your husband back to life.