Kickle Cubicle

Kickle Cubicle

A NES puzzle game where the protagonist must use his icy breath to obtain red dream bags and clear the level. It is similar to HAL's The Adventures of LoLo.


Kickle Cubicle is a puzzle game where the player assumes the role of Kickle, an ice-cube kicking Eskimo. The game has four "Lands," each consisting of a set number of stages. At the end of each "Land," Kickle must face, and defeat, a different boss. Each level can be cleared by collecting three red dream bags, which can be spread out or packed together. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat the Wicked Wizard King and return the Fantasy Kingdom back to normal.

The game's Japanese name is Meikyuu Shima (迷宮島, lit. "Labyrinth Island" or "Maze Island") and the NES version is actually a port of an older Arcade game. The Japanese version allows the player to select levels in any order within the same Land, and is generally harder.


Kickle is assisted in his efforts by his ability to breathe cold air on enemies and turn them into ice. Some enemies simply smash apart when touched, but others form into cubes. Kickle can then kick these cubes across the level to create walkways and bridges, or use them as shields to protect himself from enemies. However, these cubes will keep going until they hit an obstacle, and they will eliminate Kickle himself if he happens to be in their path.

In addition, Kickle can also form ice pillars which will also block enemies. These ice pillars can only be formed on tiles made of ice. Both the ice cubes and pillars will melt and disappear after a few moments.