Smash 'n' Survive

Smash 'n' Survive

A car combat game on the Sony Entertainment Network from Version 2 Games, Smash 'n' Survive features 30 cars and 10 different maps.


Smash 'n Survive is a car combat demolition derby game that features 30 different cars, including muscle, monster, buggy and SUV vehicles. Each car is upgradable and can be customized with different weapons. There are 10 fully destructible maps and 8 different game modes to compete in. Players can battle in both a single player campaign as well as in 2 player split screen, with 6-player online multiplayer modes becoming available in April 2012 as free DLC.

Version2Games Limited

Smash 'n' Survive is the first title to come out from Version2Games Limited exclusively for Playstation 3. This new Indian studio is a game development detachment from Zen Technologies Limited that creates mostly simulators. Military and driving simulators are amongst their products. Version2Games Limited also publishes their own game.

Game Modes

The 8 different game modes include:

  • Vehicle Melee Combat
  • Demolition Derby
  • Group Derby
  • Plant the Bomb
  • Protect the Convoy
  • Chase
  • Escort
  • Checkpoint Challenge


The campaign follows a straight forward mission structure. Players get simple instructions beforehand, varying from racing through checkpoints, surviving enemy arenas, planting bombs, escorting vehicles and so on.

Before each mission, players can choose a car with 3 stats: Strength, Handling, Acceleration. As missions get completed with certain objectives, players can gain medals and collect a higher bounty. This bounty is the form of currency used to purchase unlocked vehicle after each mission.

Additionally, stages are usually scattered several pickups. These raise the score and are usually an incentive to complete bonus objectives. Several of these are placed at jumping platforms that trigger a small close captured sequence.

The last mission revolves around killing the last unlockable car, which shoots lightning, in an arena filled with jumps.


All trophies are related to campaign missions and can be simply unlocked by finishing the game, with the exception of a few more chance-based achievements.