Abobo's Big Adventure

Abobo's Big Adventure

Abobo's Big Adventure is a fan-service homage and parody of the 8-bit gaming era.


Abobo's Big Adventure is a labour of love from Team Bobo - Developer Roger Barr, Programmer Nick, and Artist Luis Pox. The developers say it has taken them 10 years to create the game, due to the project being put on the back-burner for the production of other game projects (including some other 8-bit beauties). Original production started in 2002, but the project was scrapped and restarted in 2006 to create the "ultimate tribute" to the NES, and to be "the game that any kid who grew up on the NES dreamed of playing..." The team released the game on January 11, 2012 on Newgrounds and for free download on the official website. The game runs in Flash.


Abobo's abilities change to suit the stage he is in. He has a rage meter with three segments to unleash power attacks.

  • Stage 1: Punch, kick, throw.
  • Stage 2: Swim, Yoshi tongue eat & spit,
  • Stage 3: Punch, kick, fatality, frendship
  • Stage 4: Sword attack, sheild
  • Stage 5: Flap arms; Punch, Kick, grapple
  • Stage 6: Jump, Mega-buster
  • Stage 7: Jump, shoot
  • Stage 8: Left/Right jab, hooks, uppercuts


Abobo's son, Aboboy, has been kidnapped and it's up to Abobo to fight a wide variety of 8-bit enemies through some of the greatest NES games in order to rescue him.

Stages Parodied

Game & Character Cameos

  • Stage 1: Goomba, Kung Fu, T&C Skater, Donkey Kong, Kid Nikki, Spy vs. Spy, River City Ransom,
  • Stage 2: Blooper, Puffer, Mechafish, Subcon doorway, Mario Bros. crab, Bubbleman

Aboboy's Small Adventure

A "free with donation" downloadable game playable on PC or Mac, Aboboy's gameplay and art style are a more refined 16-bit style of artwork and RPG-like stat levelling. Aboboy doesn't know his own strength and frequently crushes enemies while trying to hug them.