Yoshi's Safari

Yoshi's Safari

With Super Scope in hand, Mario travels atop Yoshi to defeat Bowser once again in this on-rails light-gun game.


Yoshi's Safari is a 1993 SNES release that was designed for use with the Super Scope accessory. The game plays from the perspective of Mario riding atop Yoshi's back, and he must use the Super Scope to defeat the enemies they encounter along the way and thwart Bowser's latest scheme. Throughout the game, the player encounters numerous foes from the ranks of Mario's traditional enemies such as the Koopa Kids, Big Boo, Big Blooper, and many more. The game's levels feature branching pathways, jumps and other obstacles that must be traversed as the player battles to recollect stolen gems.

The game could be played by one player with the Super Scope, or by two players, with the second controlling Yoshi's movement with a controller.

Historical Notes

Yoshi's Safari was the first game released in western territories to refer to Princess Peach by her original name. All prior Mario games released in western territories that featured the princess had her name changed to Princess Toadstool.

Critical Reception

Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the review scores of 6,6,7,7 and 4 out of ten. Mike Weigand, who gave the score of 4 out of ten, wrote, "After playing this for a while you will want to turn the SuperScope on yourself and end it all! Yoshi's Safari suffers from one fatal flaw -- it is way too easy. The scrolling and graphics are excellent, but that is it!".