Jak and Daxter Collection

Jak and Daxter Collection

A PlayStation 3 and Vita HD compilation of Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3.


The Jak Trilogy rereleased in 720p HD and 3D, for PlayStation 3 and Vita.

In addition to being available on a disc, the collection is also available via download on the Playstation Store. The digital version is available both as the full bundle or as individual games.

The Games

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

When a mute teenager named Jak and his wisecracking friend named Daxter come upon a bad guy messing with Dark Eco, a powerful and chaotic material, Daxter falls into the goo, becoming a otter-weasel hybrid, an ottsel. Together, Jak and Daxter travel the world, using other forms of eco, to undo Daxter's transformation and save the wise sages, and the land they protect, from destruction.

Jak II

We learn that the duo discovered a time machine in the finale of the first game. When Daxter accidentally triggers it, the machine opens a portal out of which Kor, a monstrous metal head, comes. To escape the devastation of their world, Jak and Daxter travel through the portal with their mentor Samos and his daughter Keira. They arrive in Haven City, an industrial metropolis, and Jak is taken into prison and tortured. Changed and hardened, Jak is released by Daxter and the wanted duo set out to figure out where they are and what they can do to help this city and themselves

Jak 3

With the defeat of Kor, battles still rage between the guard and the metal heads. Jak and Daxter are blamed by a corrupt city council for the continued violence and exiled to the desert wastes. Found by the desert king, they must prove themselves worthy of survival and find a way to return to Haven and make things right.