Pyramid Magic

Pyramid Magic

An Egyptian-themed block-based puzzle-platformer for Mega Drive originally released via the Japan-only Game Toshokan online service.


Pyramid Magic is a 2D puzzle-platformer where the goal of the game is to reach the exit to each room by picking up, moving, or breaking specific blocks and chests.

The game was released by Sega for their Game Toshokan service, available via a Sega MegaNet connection. It was followed the subsequent month by Pyramid Magic Special: a remix of the first game that shifted a few elements around to make the levels far harder, the idea being that players could take on a more challenging version of the game after completing the original.

Pyramid Magic would be followed by two more sequels also on the Game Toshokan service: Pyramid Magic II and Pyramid Magic III. All three games, plus the Special remix, would later be made available via Game no Kanzume Volume 1, a Sega Mega-CD compilation. The original Pyramid Magic would also appear on the Game no Kanzume Otokuyou and Wondermega Collection compilations.


The player has to find three items: a red key, which opens the red chest; a green key, which opens the green chest; and the scroll, which eliminates the invincible mummy spirit guarding the exit. The green key is always found in the red chest and the scroll in the green chest, so there's a specific order the player must follow.

The player can pick up blocks and set them down, and while holding a block is in a crouched position: this is the only way to squeeze through narrow gaps. The player can also stack these blocks, or break them with a downward jump attack. If the player walks off an edge and falls any amount of distance while holding a block, they are crushed and must restart the level. Kicking a block will send it flying horizontally until it hits something. Chests, meanwhile, cannot be moved; only destroyed.