Mercury Hg

Mercury Hg

Keep your eponymous mercury intact by tilting the environment and solving puzzle in this game from UTV Ignition.


Mercury Hg is a direct sequel to Mercury Meltdown, with the pun of the title Hg (Hg meaning the periodic symbol for mercury) and HD (with the game being released on both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3). The goal of the game is to get the blob of mercury to the finish line without losing any mercury in the shortest amount of time, while also collecting collectables along the way.

Mercury Hg has over 60 Discovery Levels, separated in Groups based on the actual periodic table. In each level, you must complete the level in order to earn atoms, which will grant you access to unlockable levels and bonus stages to play later on when your finished with the main game. You can earn four atoms per level, which include beating the stage under a certain time limit, collecting all the collectables on the stage, making sure that you don't lose any of your mercury, and completing the level by just earning a score.

The levels themselves can range from easy to hard in further levels. Sometimes you have to change the color of the mercury in order to get on the finish point and other times, you have to have a certain color in order to press switches. You can also separate your mercury into two parts in order to mix colors together. This comes into play when dealing with Challenge Mode, where you play the levels again but with certain tasks. For example, one part has you completing a set of stages under a certain amount of time and by at least collecting a certain amount of pickups. Of course with every challenge you attempt, it's going to get more and more harder to beat. Bonus Mode is where you unlocked bonus levels to complete. You can even put your own music in the game and watch your mercury dance to the beat of the music as you complete stages.