Armada F/X Racers

Armada F/X Racers

Armada F/X Racers is a racing game for the Game Boy Color.


Armada F/X Racers is a racing game developed and published by Metro3D (Now known as Data Design) for the Game Boy Color platform.


The story in Armada F/X Racers is that each of the characters in the game is trying to win a tournament of races and boss battles to become the racing champion of the Armada Galaxy.


Armada F/X Racers is a top down futuristic racing game which plays very similar to Rock N Roll Racing.

Game Modes

In Armada F/X Racers there are three different play modes available:

  • A Boss Incoming Screen
    A Boss Incoming Screen
    Campaign - The campaign mode is the progression mode in Armada. At the start of the campaign the player gets to choose one of the six selectable characters. In order to progress to the next planet/race the player MUST place in either first or second place. At the end of each successful placing in a race the player will then be placed into a boss battle. Bosses are defeated by hitting them with the car and power ups until their health is depleted.
  • Mission - Mission mode is a single race mode, much like an exhibition. Any of the already completed campaign missions can be chosen.
  • Survival - Survival mode is a boss rush mode in which the bosses from the campaign must be defeated in order. This mode is only unlocked after fully completing the campaign mode.