The Wing of Madoola

The Wing of Madoola

This side-scrolling action RPG game for the Nintendo Famicom was only released in Japan. Developed by Sunsoft in 1986, it stars the female protagonist Lucia.


Players progress through 16 levels while collecting power-ups that permanently increase Lucia's abilities. At the end of each stage is a boss that, when defeated, allows Lucia access to a room that contains a key which allows access to the next level.


In the Kingdom of Badham exists a statue of a bird known as the Wing of Madoola. Whoever possesses the Wing has incredible power. After many wars raged over control of the Wing of Madoola, King Rameru managed to secure the Wing deep in a cave where it remained hidden for centuries. The kingdom existed in peace for these years.

When Darutos learns of the whereabouts of the Wing of Madoola he uses it for evil. He attacks the kingdom with demons and monsters while hiding away in a labyrinth.

Lucia, a brave warrior princess, sets out to take down Dartuos and retrieve the Wing of Madoola before the kingdom can be destroyed.

The game's plot was noted for its progressive gender role reversal, where instead of a male protagonist saving a princess, this time it was a female protagonist saving a prince along with her homeland.


NameMP CostStageDescription
Sword--1, 3, 7The only weapon the player has at the start of the game. It has no magical abilities and does not require any MP to use.
Flame Sword103, 5, 8Every swing of the sword projects a blast of flame. Its low MP cost and high attack rate make it a valuable weapon.
Magic Bomb204, 10, 11When bomb is thrown it creates a vertical explosion. Bombs can be detonated by either hitting an enemy or by holding down the B button and upon releasing the bomb will explode.
Bound Ball106, 12, 14A magical sphere is created and enemies and projectiles will bounce off of. If nothing impedes the enemy they will be forced off the screen.
Sheild Ball1507, 9, 15A number of spheres surround the player and fend off attacks. While it has little offensive ability it can be used to ward off attacks swarming enemies with low HP.
Smasher10011, 13, 14A concentrated flame attack that hits a single enemy. Most effectively used on boss battles.
Flash5009, 10, 16Lucia's body projects a magical light that does damage to all enemies on screen.


Boots1, 2, 4Increases both the speed at which the character moves and the height of the player's jump. All boots must be collected to complete the game.
Jar5, 6, 11, 14, 5, 16Increases the maximum number of hit points by 500. Lucia's maximum HP is 5000.
Apple2, 3, 7, 8, 13, 13Useable item that restores 500 HP. It does not carry over when continuing.
Magic Book5, 6, 11, 12, 15, 16Increases the maximum number of magic points by 500. Lucia's maximum MP is 4000.
Scroll2, 4, 7, 10, 13, 14Useable item that restores 500 MP. It does not carry over when continuing.
Red PotionAllHealth Potion dropped by vanquished enemies. Restores 100 HP.
Purple PotionAllHealth Potion dropped by vanquished enemies. Increases maximum HP by 100.
Blue PotionAllMana Potion dropped by vanquished enemies. Restores 100 MP.
Orange PotionAllMana Potion dropped by vanquished enemies. Increases maximum MP by 100.
Ball (key)AllThe key used to open the goal at the end of every stage. The ball is located in a room only available after killing the stage boss.
Wing of Madoola16Gives the player the ability to fly. Required to encounter the final boss. Each time it is used 1000 MP are expended.
Spring of Strength4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16When Lucia comes in contact with the spring she will regain HP.
Chick8Secret item found on stage 8. When collected it will display a cryptic message.


Nipata6080A bat that shows up in towers and caves.
Nomaji21030While its attack power is low, it has very high HP. This enemy moves quickly and jumps constantly.
Kikura9080A flying jellyfish.They usually fly harmlessly over Lucia's head and should be ignored.
Nyuru110200The hardest enemy in the game. These pink blobs swarm in packs from all directions.
Dopipu80100This enemy attacks in a straight line from the ground. They can easily be jumped over, but can be difficult on stairs.
Spajyan4080This insect enemy always jumps to face the player and attack head-on.
Nishiga9080A blue bee that flies up and down twice before attacking.
Eyemon110100It travels by clinging to walls and rocks. It will pause briefly when it changes direction, opening it up for attack.
Hyper Eyemon190180A more powerful, red version of the standard Eyemon. Only appears on the final stage.
Fire360250A slow moving flaming ball.


Hop Egg3102501An egg with eyes. This boss jumps at the player, pauses to look around, and then jumps again.
Mantle Skull8104002A swordsman wearing a horned mantle. He attacks with fireballs.
Nigito8104003A demon knight in a suit of armor. He attacks with fireballs.
Suneisa12904004Half snake, half woman.
Zado Fly12904005A flying green lizard.
Pera Skull2602006A flying skull. The enemy flies in an upward trajectory towards the player and then dive-bombs the player.
Gaguzul19306007A large dragon that shoots fireballs.
Bunyon16103508, 11, 14This boss starts out large, it will divide into four medium versions, and then again into sixteen small version as it becomes more damaged.
Joyraima19306009Part man, part horse. This boss uses fast dash attacks.
Bospido256080013A giant spider that sprays multiple balls of fire.
Byforce256080012, 15A six-armed humanoid with the lower body of a snake. Only attacks on the upper body cause damage. Once half of his HP is gone his upper and lower body will separate.
Darutos256095016The once-human antagonist of the game has been turned into a gargoyle by the magic of the Wing of Madoola. The only weak point is located on his head.


On the eighth level if the player finds a "Chick" item they are presented with a secret message. At the time of the game's release if the player sent in a post-card included with the game with this message written on the back, SunSoft would send a prize to the first 1000 entries.

After a player dies, when presented with the game-over screen, if the player holds "Select" while pressing "Start" a continue option is presented. Any previously completed stage in the current play session can be chosen to continue from. The player retains all of their items and weapons. If the system is power-cycled the continue option is reset.

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