Words By Post

Words By Post

Words By Post is a word/board game for the iPhone, Windows Phone 7, and Android.


Words by Post is a scrabble style word game developed by Jeff Cole. Words by Post can be played cross-platform between users on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. There are two versions of Words by Post, a free ad supported version and a premium version with no ads.


Words by Post works in a similar style to Words With Friends in which players can take their turn at any time as opposed to playing in real time. The actual game plays exactly like Scrabble where players take turns placing tiles on the board to create words.

The New Game Screen
The New Game Screen

Words by Post allows the player to start a game in four different ways:

  • Ranked Game - a Ranked Game will connect the player with another player based on skill level.
  • Username - Username will allow the player to play with anyone as long as the username is inputted.
  • Contacts - Contacts will allow the player to play against someone in the phones contact list.
  • Hand-Off - Hand-Off is a local only game mode in which two players take turns handing the phone back and forth.

Words by Post keeps track of the players wins and losses, including ranked or unranked. Words by Post also has separate

screens for games that are in progress which it is the players turn or the opponents turn. Words by Post also gives the player a rating based on performance of ranked matches and contains a global leaderboard for all players.