Asphalt: Injection

Asphalt: Injection

Racing game developed by Gameloft and released as a launch game for the PlayStation Vita.


Asphalt: Injection is a racing game developed by Gameloft and released as a launch title for the PlayStation Vita. The game lets the player drive high-end cars (all of which are licensed) on different courses around the world.


Injection is an arcade-style racing game. There are over 40 licensed cars to choose from (BMW, Ferrari...) that can be raced on a multitude of tracks from around the world such as Los Angeles, Cape Town and Iceland. There are a total of 100 races to partake in. At the end of each race, the player is given a star rating. He is rated on which place he finished in and how many of the side objectives he completed during the race (accumulate a certain amount of drift points, do a certain number of jumps...). There are different types of events, from straightforward lap races to elimination races. Races can also be taken online with up to four players.

Acceleration is handled with the R button while boost and drift are mapped on the face buttons. During races, players accumulate adrenaline by picking up power-ups and driving recklessly. Adrenaline is the game's boost and it can be used whenever the adrenaline bar is full. Players are rewarded for finding shortcuts or taking down other racers.