Legends of Yore

Legends of Yore

Graphical light dungeon crawler that's a cross between roguelike flexibility and Diablo convenience.


Legends of Yore is a roguelike game for PC and mobile systems. It was developed by Kevin Glass, featuring music by Arthur Lang and graphics by Oryx (TIGSource Assemblee), and some additional art by Dave Fillion and Kevin Glass himself. The game is free-to-play up until level 20, at which point it becomes pay-to-play. You can also play it in java equipped browsers via the official website.


The gameplay is very casual and simplistic, with almost every aspect of the game able to be controlled with the mouse or tapping on mobile devices. After choosing one of three classes (Warrior, Archer, Wizard) players are free to explore towns and dungeons as they come across them. Of course, being a roguelike, the bulk of the game features randomly generated dungeons, monsters, and loot. Quests are obtained by talking to various people in the towns. One interesting feature of the game is that after each floor of a dungeon, the game will save, allowing players to quickly complete a floor or two and come back later and continue where they left off. Upon death, players will resume from the last save, unless the game is being played with perma-death on.

Unlike modern games bearing the "roguelike" descriptor, however, the combat and navigation are still turn-based in design like the original game from which the nomenclature is derived. Players still click on monsters to attack them, but they will not attack back until the player performs another action. Clicking on the ground will still move the character, but it also allows enemies to move as well. Nothing happens in real-time.