Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

A rhythm combat game based off the the entire Final Fantasy franchise.


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a 3DS rhythm game from Square-Enix. The game features chibi-style characters and music from throughout the primary Final Fantasy series in gameplay focused around music-themed combat. It was released in North America on July 3, 2012.



Chaos and Cosmos. Two gods who rule over all creation. The space betwixt them is the Rhythm. From here was born the Music Crystal, which fills the world with harmony. Yet the chaotic forces in the universe wax stronger, disrupting this harmony and dimming the light of the Crystal. The only thing which can now restore the radiance of the Crystal is Rhythmia, the musical wavelength filling all space.

Gameplay Basics

Similar in nature to the Ouendan series, the rhythm-based gameplay involves tapping the stylus on the touch-screen in time with the music. On-screen prompts consist of three basic "trigger" types that correspond with a type of action that the player must take.


When these triggers appear, the player must simply touch the touch screen with the stylus and quickly release.


Slide triggers appear as circles with arrows inside them. To successfully hit a slide trigger, the player must slide the stylus across the touch screen in the direction indicated.


Hold triggers appear as two circles connected by a coloured beam. The player must touch the touch screen with the stylus when the first circle is highlighted and hold it until the second circle is highlighted.

Music Types

The music is split into three categories: BMS (Battle Music Stage), FMS (Field Music Stage), and EMS (Event Music Stage).

Battle Stages

A battle in Theatrhythm.
A battle in Theatrhythm.

In battle stages, the player fights against classic Final Fantasy monsters in a view reminiscent of Final Fantasy I-VI. There are four marker rails; one for each of the player's party members. As markers align with the circles, the player must touch, slide, and hold the stylus to the touch screen in time with the music. Successes result in the party dealing damage to the enemy on screen.

Field Stages

Field stages see the characters explore to the tune of the games' field themes. The triggers move in a single track from left to right. In this mode, the when confronted with a hold trigger, the player must also slide the stylus up and down in order to keep it on the track.

Event Stages

Event stages depict scenes inspired by events tied to the music. As the mark moves around the screen in a choreographed pattern to follow the triggers, the player must touch, slide, and hold the stylus to the screen as the appropriate triggers are highlighted.

These stages feature montages of footage of major events from their respective games. As an example, footage of the ballroom dance between Squall and Rinoa that takes place early in Final Fantasy VIII is set against the song "Waltz for the Moon". These videos can be unlocked for viewing separate from the gameplay.

Challenge Mode

In Challenge Mode, the player may play any Battle, Field, or Event stage separate from the main story. If the player achieves an "A" ranking, an increased difficulty level is unlocked. Similar to the Rock Band series, there is also a "no fail" practice option for Challenge Mode.

Chaos Shrine

In the Chaos Shrine, the player can take on challenging Dark Notes; pairs of Field and Battle songs set to a challenging difficulty level. When the player receives a Dark Note, the songs associated with it are unknown until the player plays it for the first time. Dark Notes can be collected over time and traded over StreetPass.


The table below is the list of playable characters in the game:

Warrior of LightFinal Fantasy
FirionFinal Fantasy II
Onion KnightFinal Fantasy III
Cecil HarveyFinal Fantasy IV
Bartz KlauserFinal Fantasy V
Terra BranfordFinal Fantasy VI
Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII
Squall LeonhartFinal Fantasy VIII
Zidane TribalFinal Fantasy IX
TidusFinal Fantasy X
ShantottoFinal Fantasy XI
VaanFinal Fantasy XII
LightningFinal Fantasy XIII


The music tracks included in the game, with play type, are:

Final FantasyField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Main ThemeX
Gurgo VolcanoX
Battle SceneX
Chaos ShrineX
Opening ThemeX
Ending ThemeX
Cornelia CastleX
Final Fantasy IIField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Main ThemeX
Battle Theme 2X
Rebel Army ThemeX
Final Fantasy IIIField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Eternal WindX
Battle 2X
Elia, the Maiden of WaterX
Ending ThemeX
Return of the WarriorX
Final Fantasy IVField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Main Theme of Final Fantasy IVX
Giant's DungeonX
Battle with the Four FriendsX
Battle 1X
Theme of LoveX
Ending ThemeX
Final Fantasy VField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Four HeartsX
Mambo De ChocoboX
Battle at the Big BridgeX
My Home, Sweet HomeX
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VX
The New OriginX
Final Fantasy VIField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Terra's ThemeX
Searching for FriendsX
Decisive BattleX
The Fierce BattleX
Dancing MadX
Celes's ThemeX
Ending ThemeX
Final Fantasy VIIField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VIIX
Judgement DayX
One-Winged AngelX
Those Who FightX
Aerith's ThemeX
Staff RollX
Final Fantasy VIIIField typBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Blue FieldsX
The Man with the Machine GunX
Waltz for the MoonX
Eyes On MeX
Final Fantasy IXField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Over the HillsX
Something to ProtectX
Battle 1X
Beyond the DoorX
The Place I'll Return to SomedayX
Melodies of LifeX
Final Fantasy XField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Mi'ihen HighroadX
Seymour BattleX
Suteki Da Ne (Isn't it Wonderful?)X
To ZanarkandX
Suteki Da Ne: Orchestral VersionX
Final Fantasy XIField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Final Fantasy XI Opening ThemeX
Vana'del MarchX
Vana'diel March #2X
Final Fantasy XIIField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Giza PlainsX
Clash of SwordsX
Theme of the EmpireX
Final Fantasy Theme - Final Fantasy XII VersionX
Ending MovieX
Final Fantasy XIIIField typeBattle typeEvent typeSpecial type
Sunleth WaterscapeX
Saber's EdgeX
Blinded by LightX
Defiers of FateX
Final Fantasy XIII - The PromiseX
Ending CreditsX


In addition to the songs included with the game, Square Enix is releasing additional tracks as DLC. Each track is available for $0.99. All DLC tracks feature Normal, Expert, and Ultimate difficulty variants and are either Field or Battle stages. The first batch of DLC songs available for Europe and North America included:

Battle Theme 1Final Fantasy II
The Final BattleFinal Fantasy IV
Fighters of the CrystalFinal Fantasy XI
Fighting FateFinal Fantasy XIII
In Search of LightFinal Fantasy V
Cosmo CanyonFinal Fantasy VII
Ride OnFinal Fantasy VIII
A Fleeting DreamFinal Fantasy X

July 12th DLC Update:

BattleFinal Fantasy VI
SarutabarutaFinal Fantasy XI
Desperate StruggleFinal Fantasy XIII
SomnusFinal Fantasy Versus XIII

July 19th DLC Update:

Battle 1Final Fantasy III
Fight On!Final Fantasy VII
Battle ThemeFinal Fantasy XI
Etro's ChampionFinal Fantasy XIII-2

July 26th DLC Update:

Crystal CaveFinal Fantasy III
The Sanctuary of Zi'TahFinal Fantasy XI
A Contest of AeonsFinal Fantasy X
The Archlyte SteppeFinal Fantasy XIII

August 3rd DLC Update:

Sunken ShrineFinal Fantasy I
Movement in GreenFinal Fantasy X
Fight On!Final Fantasy VII
Battle ThemeFinal Fantasy X

August 10th DLC Update:

Battle ThemeFinal Fantasy XI
March of the DreadnoughtsFinal Fantasy XIII
Battle 2Final Fantasy IV
Esper BattleFinal Fantasy XII

Pack-in Extras

First-run copies of Theatrhythm included a special stylus and a sheet of stickers featuring the primary Final Fantasy characters in the Theatrhythm art style. The stylus end features a display that can be decorated with a sticker from the sheet.