Cannon Spike

Cannon Spike

An over-the-head shooting game that originally appeared on the Naomi arcade board called Gunspike. Cannon Spike offered Nash, Cammy, Arthur and Mega Man from some of Capcom’s biggest games as playable characters.


Cannon Spike (Gunspike in Japan) is an overhead-camera shooting game in the vein of Smash TV and another Capcom creation, the Commando series. Released for the arcades, and later for the Sega Dreamcast. in 2000, Cannon Spike is a linear game, heavily focused towards boss encounters. A main feature of the game is the ability to play as a number of familiar Capcom characters from other franchises.


The player can use an 8-way direction stick, and four buttons in the arcades, or the thumbstick and face buttons of the Dreamcast controller. The player shoots the enemy with the characters standard weapon in any direction, and can lock on to individual enemies to strafe and more easily concentrate fire and avoid attacks. The player can also fire a more powerful charged shot, melée attack an enemy with a combo move, or melée attack an enemy with a more powerful single move that leaves the player more open to counter-attack. As is usual in top-down shooting games, there is also a "super move" that works as a "screen-clearer" or to take away large amounts of health from boss enemies. These are limited, and must be replendished by picking up power-ups throughout the level.


Cannon Spike features a number of pre-existing Capcom characters as playable avatars.

Charlie (Nash)

A first lieutenant in the United States Air Force, Charlie (known as Nash in Japan), is a character from the Street Fighter Alpha fighting series. He attacks with an assault rifle that bears resemblence to the real-world FAMAS. He can use his Somersault Shell move from Street Fighter, as well as his Sonic Break super.


Another character from the Street Fighter series, Cammy has been around since Street Fighter II. Cannon Spike itself is named after one of Cammy's moves, which she can perform as her super move. She attacks with dual SMGs. Her blue costume from the Street Fighter Alpha games is an unlockable.

Mega Man (Rockman)

Capcom's platforming mascot and star of a hugely diverse range of titles. Megaman shoots at enemies with his Mega Buster, and uses a tornado hold attack for his melee.


An alternate depiction of Arthur from Capcom's Ghosts 'n Goblins franchise. Arthur appears as a large mechanical knight, armed with a laser-firing lance. His small body is controlling his large mechanical shell; technology that is seemingly in the vein of a mech. The man himself is only seen in his ending, which shows him parachuting out of the machine in nothing but his signature heart-pattern briefs.

Baby Bonnie Hood (Bulleta)

The psychopathic-killer take on Red Riding Hood, from the Darkstalkers series. Her attacks are similar to those in Darkstalkers.

Shiba Shintaro

A slightly more obscure character from 3 Wonders, an arcade game released by Capcom in 1991. He moves and melée attacks using his hoverboard, and shoots with an assault rifle similar to Charlie's.


Created specifically for the game, and not appearing since, Simone is a cyborg with drastically enhanced strength. It is speculated that she may be based onLt. Linn Kurosawa from Capcom's Alien vs. Predator arcade game.