BloodRayne: Betrayal

BloodRayne: Betrayal

A downloadable 2D sidescrolling entry in the 'BloodRayne' series developed by WayForward.


Developed by WayForward Technologies with Majesco publishing, BloodRayne: Betrayal is the latest in the BloodRayne franchise, the last of which was 2004's BloodRayne 2.

In this installment, Rayne is joining up with the Brimstone Society in order to put an end to a vampire genocide. The game is a 2D sidescrolling action platformer where the player takes Bloodrayne from left to right through 15 levels of brutal killing (despite the excessive blood, the game is rated T for Teen).

Let me have a bite.
Let me have a bite.

Rayne has a variety of moves such as a bite attack where she can suck on an enemy's health to restore her own or infect them, turning them into a walking grenade. She also has a dash move to get behind enemies and dodge attacks.

This is WayForward's first foray into Xbox 360 and PS3 development, as BloodRayne: Betrayal is set to appear on XBLA and PSN in Summer 2011.


In Bloodrayne: Betrayal the player will control Rayne throughout 15 levels that will feature bottomless pits, lots of saws, spikes, lasers and other obstacles. In the game you can: jump, dash, do a backward somersault, shoot with a handgun and do some combos with Rayne's armblades.

The gameplay still tries to be faithful to previous games, the player will often be locked in a room full of enemies that need to be defeated in order to progress. To support that there are some fast-paced combos and brutal animations.

The levels are also inspired by classic games like Castlevania and Ducktales on the NES, featuring challenging sections through its levels.

There are no health recovery items, making the only ways to replenish Rayne's Healthbar be sucking the blood from enemies or reaching a checkpoint.


The original soundtrack for BloodRayne: Betrayal was composed by Jake Kaufman and was released on September 8, 2011 via Bandcamp. Kaufman admittedly cites Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as an influence for the score.


  1. Title
  2. Dusk Falls
  3. The Crabpuncher
  4. Stage Complete
  5. Sanguine Nightmare
  6. Ravel
  7. Vampires' Ball
  8. Castle Rising
  9. The Crimson Demon
  10. Betrayal
  11. Kagan
  12. Peaceful Moon
  13. Poisoned Halls
  14. Zetagama
  15. Escape
  16. Cursed Dawn (End Credits)
  17. Bonus Gallery
  18. Dusk Falls (NES)
  19. The Crabpuncher (NES)
  20. Sanguine Nightmare (NES)
  21. Vampires' Ball (NES)
  22. Castle Rising (NES)
  23. The Crimson Demon (NES)
  24. Betrayal (NES)
  25. Kagan (NES)
  26. Peaceful Moon (NES)
  27. Poisoned Halls (NES)
  28. Zetagama (NES)
  29. Escape (NES)
  30. Stage Complete (NES)