Mos Speedrun

Mos Speedrun

A multi-platform indie platformer with 8bit graphics and a chiptune soundtrack. Later levels are unlocked by completing goals on each level to earn badges, the goals are for such things as completing the level quickly and finding hidden objects.

Mos Speedrun features 25 levels, across 5 worlds. Levels 2-5 are unlocked by earning badges through completing tasks on earlier levels.

Level Goals

  • Complete the level.
  • Complete the level under the speedrun time.
  • Find a crystal skull hidden in each level.
  • Collect every coin in the level.

The game has a replay ghost feature that is enabled by default, which means every past attempt is shown as semi-transparent characters as you play a level. The fastest replay ghost is rendered differently so it can be used to judge your progress when attempting to speedrun a level.

There is no combat in the game, all enemies and hazards are deadly. The game features some dynamic objects like moving platforms and falling blocks.