Mizzurna Falls

Mizzurna Falls

A killer stalks a North American town in this open world adventure from Human Entertainment. Released on December 23, 1998, it was an ambitious sandbox adventure game ahead of its time, and served as Human Entertainment's swan song, just a year before their closure.


Mizzurna Falls is an adventure game set in an open world for the original PlayStation. Developed and published by Human Entertainment in 1998, it remained a Japanese-territory exclusive and never saw an official localization.


Matthew gets the call.
Matthew gets the call.

Mizzurna Falls, Colorado.

At 6:13 am, on the 25th December, the body of Kathy Flannery is found in the woods surrounding the town, covered in blood, with what look to be injuries made by a large animal; possibly a bear. Less than an hour later, the mother of Emma Lowland, daughter of the Mayor, and Kathy's classmate, calls the police to report her daughter missing. Separate investigations begin, but the state police have suspicions that both cases may in fact be linked.

Matthew Williams, a friend of Emma's and classmate of both girls, begins his own investigation into the mystery.


Tootlin' Around.
Tootlin' Around.

The game world of Mizzurna Falls features a day/night cycle, which influences where the player can go and which NPCs can be talked to at any given point during play. Stores open and close, NPCs move from their jobs to their homes, and vice versa, the staff at the hospital will allow visitors during the day, but not at night, and so on.

As Matthew, the player is free to roam almost the entirety of the play area from the outset. Matthew's preferred mode of transport, a VW Beetle, can be driven anywhere on the map, providing the player remembers to periodically refuel at the local gas station.


Or...Molly Ryder???
Or...Molly Ryder???
  • Matthew Williams: High school student. 18 years old.
  • Emma Rowland: High school student. Mayor's daughter. 18 years old.
  • Winona Ringwald: High school student. Emma's best friend. 18 years old.
  • Kathy Flannery: High school student. Orphan raised by Father Barton. 16 years old.
  • Mel Astin: High school student. Father is president of "Astin Farm", the towns predominant enterprise . 17 years old.
  • Morgan Stein: Sheriff. 32 years old.
  • James Loloma: Psychologist. 35 years old.
  • Farther Barton: Priest. Foster parent of Kathy Flannery. 56 years old.
  • Cohen Strasberg: Retired soldier. Head of local forest management. 55 years old.
  • Wolf: Owner of "Wolf Man", the town's bar. 56 years old.
  • "Captain" Nozz: Grocery store owner. 60 years old.
  • Barbara Holden: Hospital patient. 66 years of age.
  • Mary Lou: Police station receptionist. 26 years old.
  • Haddson Rang: Deputy Sheriff. 29 years old.