Cross Wiber: Cyber Combat Police

Cross Wiber: Cyber Combat Police

A sci-fi action game for the PC Engine/Turbografx developed by Face with heavy "tokusatsu" influence.


Cross Wiber is a sci-fi side-scrolling action-brawler game developed by Face and a sequel to Cyber Cross. The player controls a member of the Cyber Combat Police, "Cross Wiber", in an effort to stop the evil "Doma" Empire from conquering the world.

As with Cyber Cross, the game was never localized into English or released internationally. The intro text, however, is in English and explains the origin of "Cross Wiber" and the rest of the plot.


The player starts out without wearing the Cross Wiber armor, and is capable of a variety of actions: jumping, crouching, short hops, etc. The player also is capable of performing a wide variety of attacks: jumping kicks, crouching kicks and punches, a turn kick, and a basic standing kick or punch. After acquiring the Wiber armor, the player's firepower greatly increases.


The item carriers.
The item carriers.

Items are held by "carriers" which fly through the stages at certain points. There are several types which can be dropped.

  • Life Capsule: These come in three colors. Blue restores 2 points of life, green restores 4, and red restores a whopping 8.
  • Power Unit: This comes in three colors as well; red, blue, and green. Picking one up will power up the current weapon if the player's Wiber armor is the same color, or switch to the appropriate weapon if the player's Wiber armor is of a different color.
  • Cannon Unit: Special cannon ammo for use with the gun armor (blue) only.


The boomerang.
The boomerang.

There are three types of weapons for the Wiber armor, and three corresponding colors. Each weapon type can be powered up by repeated pick-ups of the same color.

  • Sword: Characterized by the red armor, this is a powerful weapon with short range.
  • Gun: Characterized by blue armor, this is weapon has the best range.
  • Boomerang: Characterized by green armor, this is a very versatile weapon indeed!


  • Stage 1: A park in the city. The player must fight through a large number of Doma soldiers, culminating in a fight with a group of Doma elite troops called "CYB 00".
  • Stage 2: On the back of a Doma war train! Fight to the front of the train through hordes of strange flying creatures to battle the freaky Doma mutant, the "Beholder" (most likely a D&D reference).
  • Stage 3: Cross Wiber jumps on an airbike for this stage, a high-speed highway battle! Shoot through hordes of Doma bikers and other vehicles to face the dangerous TF-405 battle drone.
  • Stage 4: A residential area. This complex of apartment housing has been overrun with Doma troops. It's up to Cross Wiber to clean it out, but the major Doma monster "Kaeru-Burner" lies in wait.
  • Stage 5: Cross Wiber infiltrates a bio-lab controlled by Doma! Navigate the maze-like corridors while avoiding the automated defenses. At the end of the maze awaits the bio-beast Dekalgo.
  • Stage 6: A mysterious temple to Doma. Cross Wiber must jump from pillar to pillar while avoiding flying enemies and of course the bottomless pits between the precarious footholds. At the end a pair of hideous killspiders await.
  • Stage 7: An underground Doma base full of fossils. Doma soldiers are excavating something mysterious down here... The terrible Bonesaurer is unleashed at the end in an effort to crush the player.
  • Stage 8: Another Doma base, where they modify people and animals to make them in to monsters. Don't get swarmed by the powerful Doma monsters patrolling the halls. The Ikarocket Mk. II awaits at the end of the stage.
  • Stage 9: Doma has taken over a high-rise building in an effort to strike back! The player must fight their way to the top through a maze of elevators and take out the assault commander, a ninja called "shinobi master". Look out for his "kagebunshin" technique!
  • Stage 10: An extremely dangerous Doma warrior with a shield named Lavi issues a challenge to Cross Wiber! She waits at the end of an underground temple with plans for a duel to the death!
  • Stage 11: Doma HQ at last! This is another airbike stage. Blast your way in to the heart of their HQ through sewer access tunnels! Doma's forces step up their efforts to stop Cross Wiber; a biomonster called Jun is the last obstacle before the deepest parts of their base.
  • Stage 12: Deep inside Doma HQ, which is swarming with Doma footsoldiers and monsters! This is it! Fight to the end to face Rallyho, a reaper-esque fiend who is the final obstacle between Cross Wiber and...
  • Stage 13: Great Leader Doma himself! Cross Wiber MUST win, for the sake of world peace!