Bid For Power

Bid For Power

A Total-Conversion Mod for Quake III Arena that was heavily inspired by Dragon Ball Z.


Starting out as a DBZ mod for Quake III Arena, Bid For Power had all of the popular characters that you can see in many other games in the Budokai series of games.  However, the developers, after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the company who held the rights to Dragon Ball Z, were forced to convert all of the character models and the attack names.
By the time the game came out on September 27th, 2004.  The character models were replaced with other generic DBZ-stylized characters that still shot energy beams out of their hands, eyes, mouths, and other orifices, and you could still find maps that were DBZ maps, such as Kami's Lookout, some hills on Planet Namek, as well as Cell's Tournament Stage from the Cell Games.  People quickly found other DBZ character packs around the web, so it only took a few more downloads to turn it back into a DBZ game.


The gameplay is very different than that of Quake III Arena.  First of all, you play from a third-person perspective.  The game is still heavily focused on multiplayer, but it's mostly focused on Deathmatch rather than Team Deathmatch.
Each character has both normal attacks, and attacks related to that character specifically.  There is also a button you use to charge-up your Ki-meter.  Ki is used for your attacks, so the game focuses more on charging up and attacking rather than simply going around a map shooting as fast as you can.