Bit.Trip Flux

Bit.Trip Flux

Bit.Trip.Flux is the sixth and final part of the Bit.Trip Series. Commander Video is coming home.


 Only A Man
Only A Man
The last game in the Bit.Trip series is exactly the same as the first one, Bit.Trip Beat, again being a Pong-like rhythm game, with the sole difference being that the player's paddle is on the right side of the screen, not the left. In addition, the complexity and difficulty are significantly higher in . Flux, the game assuming that the player has played through the entire Bit.Trip series and is ready for the ultimate challenge. The game's story, such as it is, shows Commander Video's personal progression he made throughout his epic Bit.Trip journey. The game was released on February 28, 2010 for Wiiware, costing 800 Wii Points.


As in the first game, your goal is to reflect the beats, represented by white pixels moving towards your paddle from the left side of the screen. As you reflect beats your power-up bar fills up through the various modes, each higher one giving you a greater score multiplier. This game adds a new mode called the "Meta" mode. Another new addition are the white dots that you have to avoid as they will deplete your bar and drop it into "Nether" mode, potentially making you lose the game.

One of the only differences in actual gameplay mechanics between Bit.Trip.Beat and .Flux is a lack of color-coding on the beats in Bit.Trip Flux, as normally moving beats used to be yellow, ones you had to bounce several times orange etc. while Flux's beats are all white. The game also now features checkpoints in the stages so that the player isn't forced to replay a whole level after reaching one.

There are still power-ups showing up in certain spots, often times required to be picked up as the patterns following would be impossible to hit without them. The temporary power-ups include split paddles, that add a second paddle, or a fullscreen paddle.

The game features three levels called  Epiphany, Perception, and Catharsis with a boss at the end of a stage. The bosses are still inspired by classic arcade games with the first level's boss being a two-player tribute to Warlords, with the player having to break through a wall to reach the opponents' core.


As always the game features songs from known chiptune artists, this time by Bit Shifter.