Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp

Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp

A soccer mini-game collection exclusive to the Zeebo and the first in the Zeebo F.C. series.


Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp is a soccer mini-game collection developed by Zeebo Interactive Studios (also known as Tec Toy Digital) and published by Zeebo for the Zeebo.

Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp was the first Zeebo game to integrate Zeeboids, which are Mii style avatars.


Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp is a soccer themed mini-game collection that has players training in different these four soccer regiments:

  • Dribbling
  • Juggling
  • Goal Scoring
  • Free Kicking

Players can import their Zeeboid into Zeebo F.C. Super League trained from this game.