Isle of the Dead

Isle of the Dead

You are the sole survivor of a plane crash on a jungle island.


Isle of the Dead attempts to combine the FPS and adventure genres into a single game. The player is Jake Dunbar, whose plane has crashed on an island and they must fight off a wide variety of zombies to defeat the scientist who created them and find a way home. Gameplay alternates between Wolfenstein 3D-style shooting and fixed screens for point-and-click adventuring. Isle of the Dead is ocassionally cited as one of the "worst games ever".

Multiple Versions

The game was re-released with several changes, some of which follow.

  • The box was made less gory.
  • The comic book which set up the game's story was removed.
  • The blood was removed from Rainmaker's logo.
  • The machete was replaced with a stick of bamboo.
  • Several gory cutscenes were removed.
  • A shotgun was added to the first area.


The island is full of Zombies, which happen to be created by an evil scientist. Hacking through the jungle with the Machete you have found around the wreckage of the plane, you eventually meet natives. Which sound unintelligible unless you found the convenient translation guide that was in the pocket of the one of the dead pilots on the plane. After speaking with the tribes people and meeting their chief you find out there are two tribes on the island, one village has an older man as their chief. The older chief requests that you to help him find his daughter. The other chief who is brothers with the older man constantly hits on you, but gives you valuable information. The main quest is to journey to the location of the mad scientist and fight your way into it his tower, where you are to rescue the daughter of the chief and learn the truth.