Super Off Road

Super Off Road

Super Off Road is an isometric off-road racer that featured upgradeable vehicles as well as tracks that could be raced in any direction.


Super Off Road is the console adaptation of the Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road Arcade racer. These versions lack the Ironman license, but the gameplay is all but identical. The player, along with either another human player or up to three AI opponents, race around a single-screen track in a format similar to Atari's Super Sprint. The player can upgrade their car's stats with the money earned after each race, or purchase more Nitro for one-off speed boosts.

Different versions have different features. The SNES version has twice as many tracks as the original Arcade game (sixteen rather than eight), for instance.

Critical Reception

When the Game Gear version was released Electronic Gaming Monthly issued the following scores, 5,6,4,5 adding, "...after a while it does get tough on the eyes and I found I could not play for very long. The truck controlled well and was faithful to the arcade game, but just too small.".