RailWorks 2: Train Simulator

RailWorks 2: Train Simulator

Railworks 2:train simulator is back with an all new easy to use interface, career mode, and steam achievements.

Train Simulator. Be the Driver. Meet the Challenge

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Railworks 2 is really more simulation than game as it lets you drive an accurately re-created selection of trains though real life scenarios. From the present day diesel and electric locomotives to the giants of the steam age, Railworks 2 has tons of engines for players to learn to operate. All of the locomotives have been carefully researched and modeled to stunning accuracy. Players can choose between eight different routes, 5 real world, 3 Fictional. Each route contains scenarios ranging from easy, medium, to hard in difficulty. All of the routes have been carefully recreated with accurate signaling and signage. Railworks starts players off with a simple control set up and features a new interface upgrade to help new players learn to drive. Once players master simple controls they can move on to expert controls.  Once expert controls are activated players can choose to play the new career mode with 50 scenarios in which scores are tracked and can be compared  with others across the world.
In addition to driving trains players can use the World Editor to create custom routes and scenarios.

The Railworks train simulation series should be known to those who visit the steam store regularly as the game features almost 1,900.00 USD in DLC at the time of this writing. Although it seems overwhelming, the DLC is really not intended for every player to buy every piece. Some train enthusiast are steam fans while others are more diesel or electric fans. The base game contains all kinds of locomotives and the DLC is there to expand and support those who want a deeper experience with certain kinds of locomotives over others.

Included Routes

Bath Green Park to Templecombe (real world)

 The route is set in 1955 at the peak of the lines activity. A mix of passenger freight stock is provided in authentic colours to represent the truly mixed operations that took place in its day.

Oxford to Paddington (real world)

 This inter-city route has been built to represent its modern day form. The route is, as accurately as possible modeled on how the line operates and appears in late 2005. The rolling stock sports the very latest that First Great Western issued after their successful bid ti operate the line foe a further period of 10 years.

York to Newcastle (real world)

 The route has been constructed around a popular  period set in the mid 1970s. Durings this era, the line reached an all time high for freight traffic volume, maily due to nearby coal reserves and the norths abundance of industrail and manufacturing based commerce. Also fondly remembered from this time is the class 55 Deltic Napier Locomotive, regarded by many as the greatest diesel to grace British Railways.

Hagen to Siegen (real world)

 Chosen for its mixture of Freight and Passenger operation, this route has been constructed around the period of the late 90s.

Barstow to San Bernardino (real world)

 This vital artery in the transcontinental movement of freight in America is represented in a modern day setting. The line has been modeled to 2007 reference material and even features the brand new signaling system recently installed throughout- consisting of 3 aspect hooded signal heads.

Castle Rock Railroad (Fictional)

This fictional railroad is based on an area between Colorado Springs and Denver for the interesting geography and rock formations and is set in the modern era circa 2009. Lakespur houses a preserved F7 engine which is frequently seen in operation down the railroad.

Hedborough North (Fictional)

 this fictional industrial route has been built to represent post transition period of the railways when British Rail set about modernising its traction and introducing a new fleet wide corporate brand.

Seebergbahn (Fictional)

 The fictional route is modem day circa 2009, but with the steam heritage centre at Echten and the preserved V 200 at Berndorf Engin Shed the line frequently sees operational rolling stock from the past fifty years for special charters and as a tourist draw. 

DLC Content list as of 12/3/2010

Doncaster Works Expansion Pack
SD70ACe Add-On
Class 170 DMU Add-On
Ohio Steel - Dover Division
Flying Scotsman Add-On
Keeping Up with the Diesels Scenario (Free DLC)
RailWorks 2P 4-4-0 Locomotive Add-On
UK Buildings Model Pack (Free DLC)
RailWorks Class 56 Add-On
West Coast Main Line North Add-On
Up the Junction Add-On
Port Road Expansion Pack (Free DLC)
Billionaire Benefactor Scenario (Free DLC)
Union Pacific Big Boy Add-On
Off the Cotswold Line Career System Scenario Pack (Free DLC)
Isle of Wight RailWorks Expansion Pack
Class 08 Diesel Shunter RailWorks Add-on
Class 66 Diesel Locomotive RailWorks Add-on
Class 158 Diesel Multiple Unit RailWorks Add-on
BNSF Officially Licensed ES44AC & SD40-2 RailWorks Add-on
Stanier 8F Steam Locomotive RailWorks Add-on
Rascal & Cottonwood RailWorks Expansion Pack
Colton & Northern RailWorks Expansion Pack
Class S-2 Berkshire RailWorks Add-on
GWR Hall 4-6-0 Locomotive RailWorks Add-on
GWR B Set Coach RailWorks Add-on
SP&S Northerns RailWorks Add-On
Black Five Scenario Pack 1
RailWorks 7F Scenario Pack
RailWorks Challenger DLC
RailWorks HST Buffer Version
Class 37 Diesel Locomotive RailWorks Add-on
V2 Steam Locomotive: Green Arrow Edition RailWorks Add-on
RailWorks Mk2e Coach DLC
A1 Tornado Steam Locomotive Pack RailWorks Add-on
Class 390 Electric Multiple Unit RailWorks Add-on
Class 20 Diesel Locomotive RailWorks Add-on
Mk1 Coach Pack RailWorks Add-on
TEA Bogie Tank Wagon Pack RailWorks Add-on
0-4-0ST Saddle Tank Locomotive Pack RailWorks Add-on
Southern Pacific GS-4 Pack RailWorks Add-on
RailWorks Class 380 Electric Multiple Unit DLC
Norfolk Southern SD40-2 HighNose RailWorks Add-on
Canadian National SD40-2 Wide Nose RailWorks Add-on
Stanier Jubilee Steam Locomotive RailWorks Add-on
Class 45 'Peak' Diesels RailWorks Add-on
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake RailWorks Add-on
Railworks Phorum Peninsula Charity DLC
SD40-2 Santa Fe Edition RailWorks Add-on
RailWorks DT Wagon Pack 01
RailWorks ATSF Warbonnet Pack
RailWorks MJA Wagon Pack
RailWorks SD40-2 Burlington Northern Add-on
RailWorks Glasgow Airport Rail Link Add-on
9F Evening Star RailWorks Add-on
RailWorks German Wagon Pack 01
RailWorks BNSF Dash 9 Pack
RailWorks Class 101 DMU Pack
RailWorks GR Class 143 Pack
RailWorks Fowler 4F Pack
RailWorks Class 02 Shunter Pack
RailWorks Light Pacific Add-On
RailWorks Canadian National Add-on
RailWorks Network Southeast Class 47 Add-On
RailWorks BR Standard 4MT Add-on
RailWorks Class 57 Add-on
Railworks Green and Gold HST Add-On

System Requirements

    • OS:  Windows XP / Vista/ 7
    • Processor:  1.7 GHz or faster
    • Memory:  512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:  64 MB with Pixel Shader 2.0** (AGP PCIe only)
    • DirectX®:  Version 9.0c (Included)
    • Hard Drive:  6 GB of free space
    • Sound:  Direct X 9.0c compatible