Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

Popular iPhone action featuring the Ultimate Spider-Man. The game is also available on iPad and the Xperia Play.


Spider-Man: Total Mayhem is an iOS, Android and Xperia Play game developed by Gameloft, where you play as Spider Man and must protect the city of Manhattan against super villains such as R.H.I.N.O and Doc Oc. On IOS devices, you control Spider-Man with a virtual D-pad and buttons.

On the Xperia Play version of the game, you can use the device's D-pad or analog nubs to move around and you must use the buttons on the right of the device to fight. The game cannot be played with the slider closed and you must use the touchscreen for spider-sense and navigating menus.


The game is a 3D action brawler, defeating waves of enemies the player gets orbs that can be spent on upgrades. The player can kick and punch as well as web swing and use spider sense by taping the screen. The levels connect sequences of enemy brawling with some basic web swing, platforming, and wall-crawling. The game features a variety of quick-time events that require the player to slide a finger across the screen or tap the screen as fast as they can.

Fun Facts

  • You can find Hidden comic book covers.
  • Takes place in the Ultimate universe.
  • On the title screen it says Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem but in the iTunes app store it is called Spider-Man: Total Mayhem.