Scrabble is a staple of casual videogaming, and has appeared on almost every console. Players assemble words on a board from seven random tiles.


Players receive 7 random letters, which they can cleverly recombine to create words.  Letters have varying point values: common letters are 1 pt each, more powerful letters are 4 (F, H) or 8 (J, X), and the mightiest letters are 10 each (Z, Q).  The board supplies double-word and triple-word point multipliers. 
Only words in the official Scrabble dictionary are allowed. Words in languages other than English, abbreviations, and proper nouns are not allowed.  A player may challenge a word placed by another player if it is believed that word is not acceptable; the loser of the challenge forfeits a turn.
A new version of Scrabble will be released soon which does allow proper nouns, in an effort to attract younger players to the game. Other variants allow specific words; for example, the Star Trek variant grants bonus points for placing names like "Kirk" and "Spock."  These changes are seen as controversial by some long-time players.  


Several techniques are useful to winning in Scrabble.  Aside for the obvious strategy of placing tiles on double and triple point tiles, a useful strategy is to make as many long words as possible, even if they are of a low value. This helps to cycle through the letters, increasing the chance of obtaining high value letters.  
The seven letter word, or "bingo" is another critical strategy. When a player creates a word of at least seven letters, they receive a 50 point bonus in addition to the point value of the word. A single bingo can heavily tilt the game in the player's direction.  
If no long words can be created, another good strategy is to spell words that go both horizontally and sideways.  For example, BAD can be placed on top of AXE to form the words BA, AX, DE, and BAD. This makes a short word worth many points, particularly if it's placed on top of a multiplier tile.  
In addition, it is useful to have memorized the list of acceptable two-letter words (for example, AA, KA, XU). Many of them are outside the usual English lexicon and are non-obvious. They are useful in attaching words onto the board.  Because Q is worth 10 points, it's also useful to know all the words that can be used without a U, such as Qi.  


Scrabble could be said to be a staple of casual gaming.  Scrabble has has appeared on almost every gaming platform, including iPad, iPhone, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Mac, PC, PSP, and many others.  
The rules of the game are almost always exactly like the board game, though the iPad version contains several innovations. Players can challenge each other over Facebook, and are allowed to use the "Best Word" function to have the AI create words for them.