Blood Drive

Blood Drive

A post-apocalyptic gladiator arena filled with zombies with attitudes and armored war machines sets the stage in Blood Drive.


Blood Drive is a vehicular combat game that was developed by Sidhe Interactive, and was released on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game received a North American release in November 2010.


Decades ago the world was struck by a zombie apocalypse, leaving it a desolate wasteland. The few survivors have gathered together to take part in a brand new sport titled ‘Blood Drive’. Competitors are tasked with upgrading their vehicles with lethal weaponry such as metal spikes and must fight each other to the death in the midst of zombie-infested environments. The sport quickly attracts a cult following, with fame and fortune on offer for the victor.


There are six different arenas for the player to compete in, with eight unique playable characters.

The game also features multiplayer support for up to four people.

Special abilities can be unlocked within a competition by killing a certain number of zombies.


The game was originally titled Death Drive, when it was accidentally listed on GameFly six months prior to its completion.