X-COM: Terror from the Deep

X-COM: Terror from the Deep

The second game in the X-COM series. The real-time strategy / turn-based tactics game features an all new mystery to solve and a higher difficulty level than its predecessor, X-COM: UFO Defense.


The aliens have returned. After their initial defeat they strike again against a weakened Earth - this time from the deep sea. X-COM: Terror From the Deep is similar in most respects to its predecessor. This is certainly the case of its interface, the base building, the missions, etc. Most of the game is set underwater; However, certain missions are land-based, and occur whenever there's been an alien attack on a port or a city. A Lovecraftian horror theme is present throughout the game.

The game was initially released for PC in 1995 and was ported to the PlayStation and 3DO a year later. The game was later made available on Steam on May 4, 2007 via the use of DOSBox.

PC System requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft XP/Vista
  • CPU: 33MHz 386
  • Memory: 4MB.
  • Hard Drive: 520kb free disk space.
  • Peripheral: Mouse