A gory PC fighting game.


This 1996 Bloodlust Software's release is a campy gorefest fighting game similar to Time Killers as it deals with the time travel topic. However Timeslaughter is clearly distinctive because of the excessive use of graphic and verbal profanity. In terms of gameplay Timeslaugter is simillar to any other Mortal Kombat knock-off of the nineties - with special moves, 3 round bouts and fatalities, which involve decapitation, impalement and some more sophisticated ways of mutilating the opponent like e.g. using their intestines as bagpipes. When the battle is over each character verbally abuses the fallen foe, what is a definite highlight of the game due to a massive dose of black humor and pure stupidity involved (the same thing can be said about endings). The game is played with 8-directional input and 6 attack buttons with weak, medium and fierce punch and kick commands.

Playable characters:

 10 basic fighters.
10 basic fighters.

The basic roster has 10 selectable characters:

Using cheats adds 4 more playable deviants:

  • Buddy
  • Portal
  • Ravage
  • Staine