Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost City

Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost City

Classic platforming action on the NES from Rare.


A cavern exit.
A cavern exit.

In Digger T. Rock the player is challenged with reaching a lost city filled with treasure at the very bottom of a deep network of caverns. To do this they must guide Digger to the exit at the bottom of each cavern in order to reach the one below. First the secret pillar in each cavern must be located as it is only with this that the exit door can be activated. Once this is accomplished the player will have 60 seconds to reach the exit door and proceed to the next cavern. However each cavern is filled with dangers ranging from hostile creatures to deadly traps. Only by utilizing all the equipment available can the player hope to survive this quest.


Digger T. Rock tells the story of a young miner of the same name. His love of digging where no one has dug before comes from the many stories he has heard of hidden treasures to be found by those brave enough to venture into the unknown. One morning while digging in his latest cavern he finds a sign pointing down which reads Lost City. Filled with excitement, Digger begins his trek downwards looking for the city not knowing what he may find.


Ground Gnasher
Ground Gnasher

A multitude of hazards are present to stop the player from reaching his goal. Rocks sit unbalanced on unstable earth and unplanned digging can dislodge them causing damage to anyone in their way. Loose earth can mask sheer drops leading to certain death for anyone unlucky enough to try and dig through it. Deadly ice can be found which can cause a player to slide straight off ledges and to their deaths. Enormous wasps can freeze the player with a sting from their tail, mysterious rock formations can teleport the player to unknown parts of the cavern, deadly creatures crawl along the ground looking to bite at anything that gets in their way, Ghosts, Cavemen and Skeletons patrol the deeper caverns trying to drive away any would be explorers and even Dinosaurs can be found guarding cavern exits.


In order for the player to survive this journey they will have to make good use of the supplies they can find in each cavern. There are 4 primary tools the player has at their disposal:

Shovel/Throwing Rocks

The player can always turn to their shovel in a time of need. Enemies must be close for it to be effective but rapid swings of it can lay waste to most enemies you’ll encounter. It goes hand in hand with the throwing rocks that it digs up. These can be hurled at enemies from a safe distance and can be found all over the caverns.

Rope Ladders

Ladders can be dropped from any ledge giving the player safe passage to the lower areas of any cavern. Limited in number however the player must use caution that there is not another way down before turning to their rope ladders.


Sticks of dynamite can be used to destroy the more powerful enemies you’ll encounter. It can also be vital in destroy barricades and weak walls leading the player to hidden secrets and the eventual exit from the cavern.


Jewels are found all over the caverns and have a few uses (some more secret than others). The basic use is to trade them with underground villages for other supplies. A single jewel can buy 8 sticks of dynamite, 8 rope ladders or 26 throwing rocks.