Shoot First

Shoot First

Shoot First is an action roguelike which supports co-op play. The game has low-resolution graphics and a catchy 8-bit soundtrack.


At first glance, Shoot First resembles many roguelikes: minimal graphics, random dungeons, leveling, staircases to advance through the dungeon... these are the cornerposts of the genre. However, where the typical roguelike has the player butting his character up against enemies until one or the other expires based on die rolls which are in turn based on character attributes, Shoot First tests your mettle with a variety of guns found throughout the dungeon. Proceed as deeply into the dungeon as possible shooting enemies preferably before getting shot. The game is available for free at the Teknopants web site.


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Movement is the domain of the keyboard while the mouse bears the burden of aiming and shooting. Alternately, players may use an Xbox 360 gamepad to control the game. In this case, it borrows the control scheme from the popular arena shooter genre in which the left stick moves the character while the right stick controls the direction of your shots. As you proceed through the dungeon, you may run across distressing damsels in need of rescue. Escort them to the floor's exit. Traps abound in the game and consist of spikes, boulders a la Indiana Jones, and crusher rooms a la Star Wars (Damn you, Lucas!).


Players may also double up and take on the dungeons with a friend. 


Loot is present although not as extensive as some games in the genre. Guns are the most helpful pieces of loot to be found. Rather than simply ramping in power, the guns actually come with different firing patterns like a spread shot. In addition to guns, there are three item slots to the right of the player's level which can hold other items.